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This document explains all syntax features of core LionWiki. Syntax of tables (provided by plugin) is on separate page: Tables.



!Heading H2
!!Heading H3
!!!Heading H4

Heading H2

Heading H3

Heading H4

More exclamation marks you use, smaller heading is (up to 5 exclamation marks). This is different from WiKiss (possibly also TigerWiki), ! is used for H2, because H1 should be reserved for title. Exclamation marks has to be exactly at the start of the line.


Unordered list

* Fruit
** Apple
*** Granny smith
*** Golden delicious
** Orange
* Vegetables
** Garlic
** Onion

Ordered list

# First item 
## First subitem 
### First subsubitem
## Second subitem 
# Second item

  1. First item
    1. First subitem
      1. First subsubitem
    2. Second subitem
  2. Second item

Bold, italic ...

'''Bold''' → Bold (three apostrophes)

''Italic'' → Italic (two apostrophes)

'''''Bold and italic''''' → Bold and italic (five apostrophes)

'—Strikethrough—' → Strikethrough

'__Underlined__' → Underlined

Emails, links, images

Links to other pages can be created like this:

[Main page] -> Main page


[Main project page|Main page] -> Main project page

Emails and web links are automatically recognized: -> ->

If you want to have different link and link text, you can use following syntax:

[LionWiki|] -> LionWiki

You can use also relative links, but they have to start with ./ (otherwise it will be interpreted as Wiki page)

So if you want to link some HTML page in the same directory, you use:

[Interesting page|./SomeWebPage.html] -> Interesting page

One bonus feature is link to article on Wikipedia of your language:

[?Albert Einstein] -> Albert Einstein


LionWiki can't upload files to the server (and will not), so you will have to place it somewhere manually.

[] →

You can use your image as your link: [|] →

You can also place your image to the left or right, possibly combined with link feature:

← [|left]

[||right] →



Some sequences of characters are automatically replaced:


Code syntax is useful when you need to keep original spacing and layout of text, especially for programming source code.

{{import sys

if len(sys.argv) == 2:

print "Hello",sys.argv[1]}}


import sys
if len(sys.argv) == 2:
   print "Hello",sys.argv[1]

Horizontal line

by -—-

Suppressing wiki syntax

By using ^ character before syntax keyword or using {{something}}. If you still don't know how, take a look on wiki code of this page, there are plenty of examples. If you want to insert ^ character, you have to double it, i.e. ^^

HTML code

Do you want to insert youtube video to your site? Or any other HTML code? Just insert it between {html}some html code{/html}.


LionWiki joins adjacent newlines together, if you need more than one newline, use {br}.