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Recently, I have switched to ruby 1.9 wherever possible - it is substantially faster, what is important for calculations where the external calculation is fast and there is some extra processing in ruby, e.g. MD simulations.

To use binary extensions

Installation steps

  1. Download installer (available at Downloads for eligible users)
  2. Run it in a directory where you want to have cuby installed (bash installcuby3)
  3. follow the instructions
  4. Configure cuby


Run script 'installcuby update' - it downloads latest cuby package, saves old installation into directory update.bak and installs new version. New config file is created from template in the update package, using values from the old config where possible. List of new key that should be edited is printed. It also compiles all extensions enabled in the config file.

Some of these tasks can be performed separately by calling the script with different arguments, run 'installcuby' to get help.