This class provides the interface for running multiple calculations in parallel, either locally on multiple processors, or on a cluster of networked computers.

class RemoteCalculationSetup


Data structure for storing setup of remote distributed calculation.

initialize(host, protocol, directory)

class Calculation


Class Calculation is extended with the possibilty of running a remote calculation

remote_calculation(remote_setup, what, options)

Runs the calculation on a remote mashine accessed by protocol specified in remote_setup. The calculation directory, along with serialized calculation object and some additional information, are copied to remote machine. The calculation is then executed by running separate program 'remotecuby'.

class DistributedCalculation

initialize   run  

Class managing the distributed calculations.


initialize(calculations, settings, sort = true)

Constructor of Distributed calculations. It determines from the settings whether the calculations are run locally or over the network and prepares everything.

Unless specified otherwise, the calculations array is sorted so that longer calculations go first.


Run the calculations

run(what = [], options = {})

Runs all the calculations on resources specified, using the LoadBalancer internal queue system.